L E T T E R P R E S S  P R I N T I N G

From 1452 to about 1972 letterpress was simply the way things were printed: every neighborhood had its own letterpress shop, much like a Kinko's today.

In the mid 1960s photo-offset lithography took over as the dominate print technology, and it looked as though letterpress would soon become obsolete.

But digital printing techniques are now rapidly replacing offset presses as the workhorses of the industry, and in the meantime, letterpress has evolved its own, new, niche.

Photopolymer plate technology takes advantage of the unlimited possibilities of digital design. In the hands of a new generation of printers, letterpress has developed its own unique features into a new art form.

I am part of a transitional generation of letterpress printers who learned how to print setting lead type in the stick by hand, who yet adapted easily, and early, to photopolymer.